Visit Colonsay Island For All the Fun Filled Excitement

Colonsay is a Scottish island situated at the north of Islay & south of Mull. The whole land area is 15.7 square miles. The best part is that the island consists of not more than 110 people. This island is famous for Colonsay House, wild goats and birds such as black legged Kittiwakes, Guillemots, Golden Eagles, Cormorants, Corncrakes etc.

In 1945 there was a film shot at Mull. The name of the movie was ‘I know where I’m going’. This can be a great tourist vacation and if you visit Colonsay you can find more than 20 different holiday cottages, plenty of landscaping views such as the stunning view of the Isle of Colonsay. The beaches are clean and clear and holiday makers can play a variety of amusements such as beach volleyball, skating, swimming, water sports etc. This can be a once in a lifetime experience for all those wishing to travel to Colonsay Island.